Cape Fynbos Canned Wines

Cape Fynbos Canned Wines

The Cape Fynbos bubbly wines are a tribute to the beauty and diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Nestled at the very foot of Africa the vineyards of the Western Cape are cultivated adjacent to the indigenous fynbos as both thrive in the Mediterranean climate offered by its unique terroir.

Benefits of Canned Wine

  • Extremely lightweight packaging  12 g to 200 ml of wine

  • Optimal Space utilization – easy packing and stacking due to cylindrical shape

  • Easy to open and pour. No breakage. Attractive premium packaging (compared to PET) Wines offered in a measured portion promotes responsible drinking and adds a touch of sophistication to the overall experience.

  • The most successfully recycled material on earth – 71% of aluminium is recycled globally compared to 18% of plastic. 

  • Vegan friendly





100% Cinsault, harvested from bush vines in the Voor Paardeberg and adjacent Swartland appellations. The Cinsault berries are considerably larger than berries of other red grape varieties with a natural, low level of tannin and acidity. Coupled with it’s strong aromatic quality, Cinsault produces a sophisticated, and silkily fresh premium Rosé.




100% Chardonnay, harvested from vines in the Voor-Paardeberg and adjacent Swartland appellations. A wonderfully versatile white grape, Chardonnay is one of the most planted grape varieties in the world. As the cornerstone bottle-fermented French wines, Chardonnay lends itself beautifully to the addition of fine bubbles.



100% Merlot, harvested from mature trellised vines in the Bottelary Hills and Stellenbosch appellations. The name Merlot (from the Old French word “merle”) means little blackbird and alludes to the dark blue colour the grape shares with “Turdus merula”, the Eurasian and African songbird.



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